secretly, everyone's favorite gift!

if you're fearful that a gift card is "not thoughtful enough" it's time to lay those thoughts to rest. Give your loved ones the gift of choice without the worry of feeling bad if they aren't in love with their gift. An elementality gift card is positively NEVER a let down! as a time and envelope saver we offer in-shop pick-up! we simply require one hour for processing after you've made your online purchase, the gift card will be held at the register for your loved one for up to 30 days and is valid for one entire year from the purchase date. If you do prefer to have it mailed to you, please select 'gift card' as the shipping option, so you are not charged the full shipping fee. Please advise the recipient that they will be asked for identification to insure that it is their name on the card- there is no record kept for this card and it should be treated like cash once given.

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