D O    Y O U    W A N T     T O     J O I N    

T H E      E L E M E N T A L I T Y     T R I B E ?


With our continued growth inevitably comes the need for more beautiful beings to join our tribe, so we are always accepting applications!

No sales experience is needed, what matters more to us is that you are a genuinely happy, positive, and grateful human being that is excited about being the best version of yourself while lifting others up too! We hire sweet, friendly, self-aware, people that are eager to learn, to truly connect with others, and interested in a job that is fun, challenging, and inspiring!


We are an ever evolving team of ladies looking to make a positive impact in the lives of our friends, customers, and our tribe-mates.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, click the PDF button to download and print our application! You can either email back to myelementality@gmail.com or bring in your finished application to our brick & mortar shop at your earliest convenience!

Thank you so much! xo- elementality