D O    Y O U    W A N T     T O     J O I N    

T H E      E L E M E N T A L I T Y     T R I B E ?

With our continued growth inevitably comes the need for more beautiful beings to join our tribe, so we are always accepting applications!

No sales experience is needed; what matters most to us is that you are a genuinely happy, positive, and grateful human being that is excited about being the best version of yourself while lifting others up too! We hire sweet, friendly, self-aware people that are eager to learn, to truly connect with others, and are interested in a job that is fun, challenging, and inspiring!

We are an ever evolving team looking to make a positive impact on the lives of our friends, customers, and our tribe-mates.


If this sounds like a good fit for you, click the PDF button to download and print our application!

Please bring your finished application & resume into the shop and introduce yourself to shop manager- Jess

if you are unable to bring it in person, email jess.elementality@gmail.com


Thank you so much! xo- elementality


We look forward to meeting you!