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jewelry love + care

Since each item we sell is handcrafted with special care, upkeep of metals and materials is the responsibility of the purchaser. It is important to know that over time metals such as brass and sterling silver will naturally start to darken or ‘patina.’ Sterling silver can be polished with a regular polishing cloth to restore its original shine. Brass can be softly polished as well, but it will typically not restore to its original shine after some time has passed. You can slow down this process by limiting exposure to moisture and contact with oils and chemicals. Store jewelry in a dry location (not in your bathroom) and wipe it with a dry cloth after each wear as your body’s natural oils can leave buildup, residue, and fingerprints. Wait to put on jewelry until after all perfumes, hairsprays, or other products have been applied, as these types of materials can easily discolor or react with metals. Storing each purchased valuable in a plastic bag also limits the oxidization process.

Please keep in mind that stones and crystals can be incredibly fragile and need to be handled and worn with care. Elementality will not offer exchanges on jewelry with stones that have been broken by the wearer. We test all of our materials for strength and integrity before they are made into jewelry, but can almost guarantee that a slab of jasper will break if dropped from distance on to the ground, just as a similarly sized piece of crystal or pottery would. In order for stones to be light enough for everyday wear, they often must be cut very precisely into thinner slabs or cabochons. These shapes are happy hanging from your ears or resting over your heart, but don’t appreciate bumping in to things or being dropped. For some pieces made by our shop owner - Jordana of hush - we offer repairs and replacements; please call or stop by the shop to see if a piece is able to be repaired or replaced, and be aware that all stone and component replacements will be charged for the amount of the new materials.

Sterling silver (and most metals used in jewelry making) is somewhat malleable, especially when it is warmed by the heat of our bodies. Over time, ring bands can begin to warp or mold to our hands, which gradually tugs on or compresses the setting surrounding the stone. This creates the risk for a stone loosening in its setting and potentially falling out. Be mindful of bending or otherwise changing the shape of your ring and if it becomes compromised, please bring it in to the shop or send it to us and we will happily re-epoxy and secure your stone. Many stones also absorb and retain water, which can also affect their security inside a setting over time. Remove rings before showering or washing dishes, and be careful not to submerge stones for extended periods of time. We are unable to replace stones that have fallen out and are lost (as each setting is made specifically for a uniquely cut stone) and will not accept exchanges on rings that have lost their stones as the result of mishandling or mistreatment of the piece.

All of our pieces are made with love and the intent that they will be worn with love as well.