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•SWEET SUNFLOWER• silver stud earrings•SWEET SUNFLOWER• silver stud earrings
•SWEET SUNFLOWER• bronze stud earrings•SWEET SUNFLOWER• bronze stud earrings
•SWEET SUNFLOWER• sterling silver ring•SWEET SUNFLOWER• sterling silver ring
•SWEET SUNFLOWER• bronze ring
•JUST SMILE•  gold necklace•JUST SMILE•  gold necklace
•JUST SMILE• gold necklace Sale priceFrom $70.00
•TINY LUNA DIAMOND•  silver necklace•TINY LUNA DIAMOND•  silver necklace
•NIGHT GUIDE•  gold necklace•NIGHT GUIDE•  gold necklace
•NIGHT GUIDE• gold necklace Sale priceFrom $68.00
Sold out•I DREAM IN FLOWERS•  linen/bamboo pants•I DREAM IN FLOWERS•  linen/bamboo pants
Sold out•LOVE GROWS WILD•  linen/bamboo pants•LOVE GROWS WILD•  linen/bamboo pants
Sold out•STILL I RISE•  linen/bamboo pants•STILL I RISE•  linen/bamboo pants
•UNFURLING FERN• adjustable recycled silver ring•UNFURLING FERN• adjustable recycled silver ring
•SPRIG WRAP• adjustable silver ring•SPRIG WRAP• adjustable silver ring
•SPRIG WRAP• adjustable bronze ring•SPRIG WRAP• adjustable bronze ring
•I DREAM IN FLOWERS• reversible dress•I DREAM IN FLOWERS• reversible dress
Sold out•MUSHY• love card•MUSHY• love card
•MUSHY• love card Sale price$6.00
•YOU'RE JUST DANDY• affection card
•NOTHING BEETS US• affection card•NOTHING BEETS US• affection card
•HAVE A FERN TIME• birthday card•HAVE A FERN TIME• birthday card
•THINKING OF YOU• encouragement card
•CANTERBURY TALES• mixed metal dangle earrings•CANTERBURY TALES• mixed metal dangle earrings
•FERN GULLY• mixed metal dangle earrings•FERN GULLY• mixed metal dangle earrings
•SYLVANUS• mixed metal dangle earrings•SYLVANUS• mixed metal dangle earrings
•FLORESTA SOL• mixed metal dangle earrings•FLORESTA SOL• mixed metal dangle earrings
•BUTTERFLY IN THE SKY• mixed metal dangle earrings•BUTTERFLY IN THE SKY• mixed metal dangle earrings
•ARTEMIS• mixed metal dangle earrings•ARTEMIS• mixed metal dangle earrings
•MIDSUMMER DREAM• mixed metal dangle earrings•MIDSUMMER DREAM• mixed metal dangle earrings
•HUNTRESS MOON• mixed metal dangle earrings•HUNTRESS MOON• mixed metal dangle earrings
•LOVE GROWS WILD•  duster style bamboo cardigan•LOVE GROWS WILD•  duster style bamboo cardigan
Sold out•NATALIE• silver bracelet•NATALIE• silver bracelet
•NATALIE• brass bracelet•NATALIE• brass bracelet
•MONSTERA LEAF• adjustable silver ring•MONSTERA LEAF• adjustable silver ring
•MONSTERA LEAF• adjustable bronze ring•MONSTERA LEAF• adjustable bronze ring
•LEAF HUG• adjustable bronze ring•LEAF HUG• adjustable bronze ring
Sold out•OAK & ACORN• adjustable silver ring•OAK & ACORN• adjustable silver ring
•OAK & ACORN• adjustable bronze ring•OAK & ACORN• adjustable bronze ring
Sold out•KALEIDOSCOPE OF BUTTERFLIES• adjustable silver ring•KALEIDOSCOPE OF BUTTERFLIES• adjustable silver ring
•KALEIDOSCOPE OF BUTTERFLIES• adjustable bronze ring•KALEIDOSCOPE OF BUTTERFLIES• adjustable bronze ring
Sold out•BUTTERFLY + BLOOM • adjustable bronze ring•BUTTERFLY + BLOOM • adjustable bronze ring
Sold out•LITTLE SCISSORS• silver stud earrings•LITTLE SCISSORS• silver stud earrings
•TINY BUTTERFLY• silver stud earrings•TINY BUTTERFLY• silver stud earrings
•DETAILED BUTTERFLY• silver stud earrings•DETAILED BUTTERFLY• silver stud earrings
•TINY BUNNY• silver stud earrings•TINY BUNNY• silver stud earrings
•TINY HEDGEHOG• silver stud earrings•TINY HEDGEHOG• silver stud earrings
Sold out•TINY SNAIL• silver stud earrings•TINY SNAIL• silver stud earrings
•TINY SNAIL• bronze stud earrings•TINY SNAIL• bronze stud earrings
Sold out•MEDIUM SLITHERING SNAKE• bronze stud earrings•MEDIUM SLITHERING SNAKE• bronze stud earrings
•SUEÑO• tourmalinated rainbow moonstone + snake + mixed metal necklace (28"-30")•SUEÑO• tourmalinated rainbow moonstone + snake + mixed metal necklace (28"-30")