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•TINY MOON & STAR COIN• silver stud earrings•TINY MOON & STAR COIN• silver stud earrings
•TINY SPROUT• silver stud earrings•TINY SPROUT• silver stud earrings
•SWEET SUNFLOWER• bronze stud earrings•SWEET SUNFLOWER• bronze stud earrings
•OPEN HEART• sterling silver ring
•TINY HEART• sterling silver ring
•TINY HEART• mixed metal ring•TINY HEART• mixed metal ring
•WISDOM & WONDER• noir tin candle•WISDOM & WONDER• noir tin candle
•REQUIEM• noir tin candle•REQUIEM• noir tin candle
•SPRIG WRAP• adjustable bronze ring•SPRIG WRAP• adjustable bronze ring
•THE GARDEN• plant care journal•THE GARDEN• plant care journal
•THE LUMINARIES• undated weekly planner•THE LUMINARIES• undated weekly planner
•THE STAR• tarot journal•THE STAR• tarot journal
•THE MOON• reflection journal•THE MOON• reflection journal
•JE T'AIME• love card•JE T'AIME• love card
•YOU'RE JUST DANDY• affection card
•NOTHING BEETS US• affection card•NOTHING BEETS US• affection card
•HAVE A FERN TIME• birthday card•HAVE A FERN TIME• birthday card
•MONSTERA LEAF• adjustable bronze ring•MONSTERA LEAF• adjustable bronze ring
•SUN & MOON COIN• silver stud earrings•SUN & MOON COIN• silver stud earrings
•TINY BUTTERFLY• silver stud earrings•TINY BUTTERFLY• silver stud earrings
•TINY BUNNY• silver stud earrings•TINY BUNNY• silver stud earrings
•TINY HEDGEHOG• silver stud earrings•TINY HEDGEHOG• silver stud earrings
•TINY SNAIL• bronze stud earrings•TINY SNAIL• bronze stud earrings
•PETITE ROLO CABLE• silver chain•PETITE ROLO CABLE• silver chain
•PETITE SATURN• silver chain•PETITE SATURN• silver chain
•PETITE SATURN• silver chain Sale priceFrom $28.00
•PETITE CABLE• silver chain•PETITE CABLE• silver chain
•PETITE CABLE• silver chain Sale priceFrom $12.00
•FORBIDDEN• noir tin candle•FORBIDDEN• noir tin candle
•SACRED• noir tin candle•SACRED• noir tin candle
•NEVERMORE• noir tin candle•NEVERMORE• noir tin candle
•SPELLBOUND• noir tin candle•SPELLBOUND• noir tin candle
•FORTUNE & FATE• noir tin candle•FORTUNE & FATE• noir tin candle
•VIEUX CARRÉ• botanica tin candle
•TOBACCO FLOWER• botanica tin candle
•TAMARIND, VIOLET, & GERANIUM• botanica tin candle
•FOREST MOSS• botanica tin candle
•DAHLIA & BLACK AMBER• botanica tin candle
•TINY BEE• silver ring•TINY BEE• silver ring
•DETAILED MOTH• bronze ring
• LITTLE UNICORN • silver stud earrings• LITTLE UNICORN • silver stud earrings
• CURIOUS BEAR • silver stud earrings• CURIOUS BEAR • silver stud earrings
• SITTING CAT • bronze stud earrings• SITTING CAT • bronze stud earrings
• CURIOUS CAT • silver stud earrings• CURIOUS CAT • silver stud earrings
• LITTLE BUTTERFLY • silver stud earrings• LITTLE BUTTERFLY • silver stud earrings
• LITTLE LUNA MOTH • bronze stud earrings• LITTLE LUNA MOTH • bronze stud earrings
• SMALL FLAT MONSTERA • bronze stud earrings• SMALL FLAT MONSTERA • bronze stud earrings
• SMALL LADYBUG • silver stud earrings• SMALL LADYBUG • silver stud earrings