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• ROSE QUARTZ • sphere

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Element: Air
Hardness: 7
Composition: ( SiO2)

Rose Quartz, is the quintessential stone of unconditional love. Also known as the Great Mother of stones, this variety of quartz helps to strengthen our physical body and balance our emotional energy at the same time. Working directly with the heart of it’s wearer, it is known to be effective in attracting new love, deeper intimacy, and in developing a closer bond with family and friends. Rose Quartz helps to rejuvenate the physical body by stabilizing irregular heart rhythm and relieving tension from all systems. It is also helpful for soothing anD softening scars or wrinkles when used in an elixir or rubbed directly on the area. The Great Mother of stones is ideal for premature babies, children with nursing, eating or sleep difficulties, as well as, adults that could use just a little extra tender loving care.
  • .5" x .5", .3 oz

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• ROSE QUARTZ • sphere
• ROSE QUARTZ • sphere Sale price$5.00