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• OCEAN JASPER • free form

Sale price$58.00

• OCEAN JASPER • free form

Element: Earth
Hardness: 7
Composition: Silicon Dioxide (SiO2)


  • 3" x 2" x .75"
  • 5.3 ounces

• tranquility
• confidence
• protection

Jasper, an opaque variety of quartz, is a grounding and holistic stone. Its intricate patterns mimic nature’s landscapes and embody the energy of Mother Earth. Within the physical body, Jasper is beneficial in regulating mineral contents, such as iron and zinc. This supreme healer also helps to speed up recovery of injuries associated with skin, bone and cartilage. Jasper recognizes and helps one to overcome insecurities as it strengthens our sacred connection with Earth. This energy helps to bring ecological awareness to all environments. Jasper awakens our senses reminding us to deeply indulge in those moments of beauty around us, as well as within us.

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    • OCEAN JASPER • free form
    • OCEAN JASPER • free form Sale price$58.00