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• KINGMAN TURQUOISE • navajo cuff bracelet

Sale price$740.00

Navajo sterling silver and turquoise cuff bracelet by Native American artist David Tune

• kingman turquoise set in hand-stamped overlaid sterling silver

• stamped by the artist

• 5 3/8" of silver, plus 1" opening

• face width is 1 1/8"

• 6 3/8" total including opening

• fits small/medium wrist*

*This bracelet CANNOT be adjusted.

David Tune is a member of the Creek and Navajo Tribes. Although he has been making jewelry most of his life, David began his professional career as a jewelry craftsman in 1976, when he was commissioned to design a jewelry ensemble for the National March of Dimes Poster Child and Past President Ford Senate. Tune decided to allow his creativity to flow and has created and constructed some of the finest masterpieces of authentic Native American Indian jewelry with a contemporary flare. He was forced to resign himself from his art due to a difficult battle with cancer in 1987, but he was later cured with assistance from his Uncle. With much pride and determination, David returned to his passion of hand crafting beautiful jewelry. The work of David Tune is very distinctive and easily recognizable. His dramatic stamp work is inspired by the aerial views of earth that he sees while hot air ballooning and skydiving (two of his favorite hobbies). Every piece created by David symbolizes a special spiritual meaning and most reference the traditional 'six directions' which represent the four cardinal directions (North, South, East West) as well as the Upper Dimension and Lower Dimension.

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