• MOKI • gold dangle earrings


Long and eye-catching, these handmade MOKI earrings add a bit of an edge to any look.


  • hand cut & hammered brass triangles
  • 14KGF ear wires
  • 3.25" long x 1" wide


  • BRASS- mars energy
    • healing
    • courage
    • abundance
  • GOLD- sun energy
    • energy
    • boundaries
    • abundance


This piece is a Carolyn Keys design. Carolyn creates in her studio in the woods of eastern Pennsylvania. With a background in architecture, Carolyn’s designs are clean and proportional while at the same time organic and imperfect. She draws inspiration from natural forms, architectural geometries, and ancient traditional arts. She works with sterling silver, 14KGF, brass, and wood.


in-stock and will usually ship out within 4 business days


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