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•TULA• silver bracelet•TULA• silver bracelet
•TULA• silver bracelet Sale price$232.00
Sold out•TULA• brass bracelet•TULA• brass bracelet
•TULA• brass bracelet Sale price$165.00
Sold out•NATALIE• silver bracelet•NATALIE• silver bracelet
•NATALIE• brass bracelet•NATALIE• brass bracelet
•FLO• silver bracelet
•FLO• silver bracelet Sale price$132.00
•FLO• brass bracelet
•FLO• brass bracelet Sale price$92.00
Sold out•MAYA• silver bracelet•MAYA• silver bracelet
•MAYA• silver bracelet Sale price$118.00
•MAYA• brass bracelet•MAYA• brass bracelet
•MAYA• brass bracelet Sale price$82.00
•ZIGZAG• silver bracelet•ZIGZAG• silver bracelet
Sold out•ZIGZAG• brass bracelet•ZIGZAG• brass bracelet
•ZIPPY• brass bracelet
Sold out•SMALL HAMMERED• silver bracelet•SMALL HAMMERED• silver bracelet
Sold out•SMALL HAMMERED• brass bracelet•SMALL HAMMERED• brass bracelet
Sold out•MEDIUM HAMMERED• silver bracelet•MEDIUM HAMMERED• silver bracelet
Sold out•MEDIUM HAMMERED• brass bracelet•MEDIUM HAMMERED• brass bracelet
•WIDE HAMMERED• silver bracelet•WIDE HAMMERED• silver bracelet
Sold out•WIDE HAMMERED• brass bracelet•WIDE HAMMERED• brass bracelet
•MANOS• silver dangle earrings•MANOS• silver dangle earrings
•MANOS• gold dangle earrings•MANOS• gold dangle earrings
•SMALL SLINK• silver dangle earrings
•MARA• silver dangle earrings•MARA• silver dangle earrings
•MARA• gold dangle earrings•MARA• gold dangle earrings
•SYLVIA• gold dangle earrings•SYLVIA• gold dangle earrings
•SAGE• silver dangle earrings•SAGE• silver dangle earrings
Sold out•LOLA• gold dangle earrings•LOLA• gold dangle earrings
•MONSTERA LEAF• adjustable silver ring•MONSTERA LEAF• adjustable silver ring
•MONSTERA LEAF• adjustable bronze ring•MONSTERA LEAF• adjustable bronze ring
•LEAF HUG• adjustable bronze ring•LEAF HUG• adjustable bronze ring
Sold out•OAK & ACORN• adjustable silver ring•OAK & ACORN• adjustable silver ring
•OAK & ACORN• adjustable bronze ring•OAK & ACORN• adjustable bronze ring
Sold out•KALEIDOSCOPE OF BUTTERFLIES• adjustable silver ring•KALEIDOSCOPE OF BUTTERFLIES• adjustable silver ring
•KALEIDOSCOPE OF BUTTERFLIES• adjustable bronze ring•KALEIDOSCOPE OF BUTTERFLIES• adjustable bronze ring
Sold out•BUTTERFLY + BLOOM • adjustable bronze ring•BUTTERFLY + BLOOM • adjustable bronze ring
•TINY HEX NUGGET• silver stud earrings•TINY HEX NUGGET• silver stud earrings
•TINY POD• silver stud earrings•TINY POD• silver stud earrings
•EYE OF HORUS• silver stud earrings•EYE OF HORUS• silver stud earrings
•LITTLE CHEF'S KNIFE• silver stud earrings•LITTLE CHEF'S KNIFE• silver stud earrings
Sold out•LITTLE SCISSORS• silver stud earrings•LITTLE SCISSORS• silver stud earrings
•SUN & MOON COIN• silver stud earrings•SUN & MOON COIN• silver stud earrings
Sold out•SUN & MOON COIN• bronze stud earrings•SUN & MOON COIN• bronze stud earrings
•LITTLE MOON SLIVER• silver stud earrings•LITTLE MOON SLIVER• silver stud earrings
Sold out•TINY CRESCENT MOON• silver stud earrings•TINY CRESCENT MOON• silver stud earrings
•TINY CRESCENT MOON• gold stud earrings•TINY CRESCENT MOON• gold stud earrings
•MUSHROOM TRIO• silver stud earrings•MUSHROOM TRIO• silver stud earrings
Sold out•MUSHROOM TRIO• bronze stud earrings•MUSHROOM TRIO• bronze stud earrings
•TINY BUTTERFLY• silver stud earrings•TINY BUTTERFLY• silver stud earrings
•DETAILED BUTTERFLY• silver stud earrings•DETAILED BUTTERFLY• silver stud earrings
•TINY BUNNY• silver stud earrings•TINY BUNNY• silver stud earrings