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•EYE OF HORUS• silver stud earrings•EYE OF HORUS• silver stud earrings
•LITTLE MOON SLIVER• silver stud earrings•LITTLE MOON SLIVER• silver stud earrings
•TINY CRESCENT MOON• gold stud earrings•TINY CRESCENT MOON• gold stud earrings
•MUSHROOM TRIO• silver stud earrings•MUSHROOM TRIO• silver stud earrings
•MUSHROOM TRIO• bronze stud earrings•MUSHROOM TRIO• bronze stud earrings
•DETAILED BUTTERFLY• silver stud earrings•DETAILED BUTTERFLY• silver stud earrings
•TINY SNAIL• silver stud earrings•TINY SNAIL• silver stud earrings
•MEDIUM CABLECLIP• silver chain•MEDIUM CABLECLIP• silver chain
•PETITE SATURN• silver chain•PETITE SATURN• silver chain
•PETITE SATURN• silver chain Sale priceFrom $28.00
•STRAY• ametrine + gold necklace•STRAY• ametrine + gold necklace
•FULL MOON• gold dangle earrings•FULL MOON• gold dangle earrings
•LINEAS• gold dangle earrings•LINEAS• gold dangle earrings
•SUN & MOON• gold dangle earrings•SUN & MOON• gold dangle earrings
•STRAY• turquoise teardrop + gold necklace•STRAY• turquoise teardrop + gold necklace
•STRAY• pyrite teardrop + silver necklace•STRAY• pyrite teardrop + silver necklace
•STRAY• rainbow moonstone teardrop + silver necklace•STRAY• rainbow moonstone teardrop + silver necklace
•STRAY• rainbow moonstone teardrop + gold necklace•STRAY• rainbow moonstone teardrop + gold necklace
•STRAY• emerald + gold necklace•STRAY• emerald + gold necklace
•STRAY• labradorite pentagon + silver necklace•STRAY• labradorite pentagon + silver necklace
•STRAY• labradorite teardrop + silver necklace•STRAY• labradorite teardrop + silver necklace
•STRAY• labradorite teardrop + gold necklace•STRAY• labradorite teardrop + gold necklace
•STRAY• citrine + silver necklace•STRAY• citrine + silver necklace
•STRAY• agate druzy + gold necklace•STRAY• agate druzy + gold necklace
•STRAY• snowflake obsidian + silver necklace•STRAY• snowflake obsidian + silver necklace
•STRAY• snowflake obsidian + gold necklace•STRAY• snowflake obsidian + gold necklace
•PIKE• lapis lazuli + silver stud earrings•PIKE• lapis lazuli + silver stud earrings
•PIKE• lapis lazuli + gold stud earrings•PIKE• lapis lazuli + gold stud earrings
•PIKE• larimar + gold stud earrings•PIKE• larimar + gold stud earrings
•PIKE• herkimer + silver stud earrings•PIKE• herkimer + silver stud earrings
•PIKE• herkimer + gold stud earrings•PIKE• herkimer + gold stud earrings
•PIKE• black agate + silver stud earrings•PIKE• black agate + silver stud earrings
•CREST• obsidian + silver stud earrings•CREST• obsidian + silver stud earrings
•CREST• quartz + silver stud earrings•CREST• quartz + silver stud earrings
•CREST• quartz + gold stud earrings•CREST• quartz + gold stud earrings
•CREST• amethyst + silver stud earrings•CREST• amethyst + silver stud earrings
•CREST• amethyst + gold stud earrings•CREST• amethyst + gold stud earrings
•CREST• aquamarine + silver stud earrings•CREST• aquamarine + silver stud earrings
•BAR• fluorite + gold stud earrings•BAR• fluorite + gold stud earrings
•BAR• pyrite + silver stud earrings•BAR• pyrite + silver stud earrings
•BAR• pyrite + gold stud earrings•BAR• pyrite + gold stud earrings
•HUG HOOP• black sunstone + silver earrings•HUG HOOP• black sunstone + silver earrings
•HUG HOOP• black sunstone + gold earrings•HUG HOOP• black sunstone + gold earrings
•HUG HOOP• herkimer + silver earrings•HUG HOOP• herkimer + silver earrings
•HUG HOOP• herkimer + gold earrings•HUG HOOP• herkimer + gold earrings
•HUG HOOP• smoky quartz + silver earrings•HUG HOOP• smoky quartz + silver earrings
•HUG HOOP• smoky quartz + gold earrings•HUG HOOP• smoky quartz + gold earrings
•PRONG SET• amber silver stud earrings•PRONG SET• amber silver stud earrings
•PRONG SET• aquamarine silver stud earrings•PRONG SET• aquamarine silver stud earrings