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This candle was hand poured for you in Washington, DC. [FBCA]


  • top notes: apple, vanilla, cream
  • middle notes: lilac, amber, jasmine, lavender
  • base notes: sandalwood and musk


  • vegan soy wax blend
  • braided cotton lead-free wick
  • reusable amber glass jar with lid
  • 4oz or 8oz size
  • burn time: 15-25 hours (4oz) or 25-40 hours (8oz)
  • handmade in Washington, DC

What started a few years ago as a way for three very young brothers: Austin (now 10), Ryan (now 12), and Collin (now 15) to earn money for video games, has turned into a full-fledged thriving eco-conscious candle company!! After attending a candle making workshop, Mama Gill came home and taught her boys.  So when the boys asked Mama and Dad for more allowance and their answer was "you need to get a job or start a business", the idea was born!

Using a domestic proprietary vegan blend of soy and coconut wax, the Gill brothers create lush scent experiences with mindful ingredients.  Each small batch of artisanal hand-poured candles includes high-end fragrance oils, braided cotton (lead-free) wicks, and is packaged by hand including the sweetest drawing of these 3 cuties on the labels!

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