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• THE WISDOM KEEPER • anointing oil

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Also known as The Medicine Woman, The Healer, The Shaman, The Witch, The Sage, The Elder, The Teacher, The Guide, The Coach, The Fairy Godmother, The Pisces and others...

For: remembering that you know, without needing to know why or how you know; patience to share your knowledge; divine confidence.

Anoint: The Crown Chakra (thousand fold lotus) or wherever feels right.

Components: organic jojoba oil, essential oils including Palo Santo.

Aroma: mystical and transporting, with notes of wood, smoke and ceremony



With an extensive background in the healing arts, including decades as a massage therapist, Katie Vie considers the work she does through River Island Apothecary a culmination of her life's studies. Katie's love of ritual and unity through women's circles was ignited early on in the Girl Scouts. She went on to study symbolism while earning a degree in Literature, eventually indulging her love of scent with Aromatherapy and the art of botanical perfumery. She continues to kindle her love of feminine fellowship by participating annually in a Mystery School with hundreds of kindred women. Using organic Jojoba oil and essential oils, Katie creates totally unique, aromatic anointing oils for daily use and/or divination. For those seeking deeper connection to their sacred self, Katie uses scent and symbolism to help you walk your path and purpose.


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