• THE WARRIOR • anointing oil


Also known as The Guardian, The Amazon, The Lion Mother, The Protector, Grace O'Malley, Diana, The Pirate, Kali, The Bad Ass, The Cowgirl, The Punk Rocker, Bodicea and others...

For: Bravery, resilience and sharp focus in the face of battle; rising to face what challenges you, identifying ally vs. saboteur.

Anoint: The Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura/lustrous jewel) or wherever feels right.

Components: organic jojoba oil, essential oils including peppermint.

Aroma: Bracing and bold, with notes of mint, green and ferocity.



With an extensive background in the healing arts, including decades as a massage therapist, Katie Vie considers the work she does through River Island Apothecary a culmination of her life's studies. Katie's love of ritual and unity through women's circles was ignited early on in the Girl Scouts. She went on to study symbolism while earning a degree in Literature, eventually indulging her love of scent with Aromatherapy and the art of botanical perfumery. She continues to kindle her love of feminine fellowship by participating annually in a Mystery School with hundreds of kindred women. Using organic Jojoba oil and essential oils, Katie creates totally unique, aromatic anointing oils for daily use and/or divination. For those seeking deeper connection to their sacred self, Katie uses scent and symbolism to help you walk your path and purpose.


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