• ICE QUEEN • herkimer gold necklace


This is an original design by Nick Morse and handmade for you in Sacramento, California! [ENJY]


  • 30" continuous chain necklace
  • entirely 14GF
  • beautiful herkimer diamonds
  • handmade in Sacramento, California, USA


    • QUARTZ
    • purifiation
    • wisdom
    • amplification

    Native to Northern California, Nick Morse has been creating jewelry in his family's small bead store, which has been a part of its community since 1990. In 2013, he moved into full-time jewelry design and built his brand upon a foundation of creating truly unique designs without compromising quality!

    *You will receive a necklace that is very similar to the necklace shown here; all metal components will be the same, however, specific stone coloring/sizing may vary just slightly

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