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This is a select offering of some of our beautiful EARTH element pendants. We carry a huge assortment of pendants at our Asheville shop, each of which are carefully hand picked one at a time by Jordana and the curation team at elementality!*

We also carry a large assortment of sterling silver (and some 14KGF) chains in a variety of sizes and styles.. If you would like a chain consultation, leave the words "CHAIN CONSULTATION PLEASE" along with your phone # in the notes of your order at checkout.. we will text you to set up an appointment or send pics of your ideal options for the purchased pendant(s).


  • all sterling silver bezels and settings
  • all natural stones
  • large bails- can slide over bead strands and most chain thicknesses
  • handmade one at a time

    1. dendritic sandstone - $118
        • creativity, focus, balance

    2. coconut druzy & tourmaline - $88
         • balance, healing, strength
         • healing, strength, vitality

    3. pyrite - $98
         • communication, confidence, protection

    4. astrophyllite- $94
         • acceptance, forgiveness, strength

    5. ammonite - $96
         • strength, self-reliance, transformation

    6. red creek jasper - $56
         • passion, endurance, empowerment

    7. ocean jasper - $52
         • patience, confidence, tranquility

    8. SOLD crazy lace agate - $138
         • confidence, stability, growth

    each pendant is * ONE OF A KIND & READY TO SHIP *  you will receive the exact pendant shown here, chains & bead strands sold separately (SEE ABOVE FOR CHAIN PURCHASE DETAILS)

    text or call us at: 828-299-4751 with questions

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