• SEVENTH SPHERE • tarot deck


SEVENTH SPHERE is a modern TAROT DECK featuring rose gold detailing, and bright colorful full-bleed illustrations printed on easy to shuffle, recycled plastic card stock. Starting out as a playing card game, the minor arcana within the Tarot de Marseille is reflective of those origins - relying not heavily on imagery, but rather your instincts, your understanding of the suits and the western elements, and your understanding of numerology. The readings with the Tarot de Marseille therefore are much more nuanced, and individual than they are when using a traditional tarot deck.

• 80 full color cards (78 standard, 2 bonus)

• Waterproof, eco-friendly plastic cardstock

• Standard Tarot Size (70mm x 120mm)

• Rose gold foiled back design

• Companion app with meanings, spreads, journal

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