• CRESCENT MOON • bronze + oxidized sterling silver necklace


A patinaed bronze crescent waxes brilliantly on this mixed metal necklace. Handmade in Asheville by local artist Alice Scott. (ASJY)


  • 18" oxidized sterling silver chain and clasp
  • hand hammered bronze crescent component
  • handmade in Asheville, NC


            • SILVER- moon energy
                 • love
                 • intuition
                 • well-being

            • BRONZE- star energy
                 • releasing
                 • encouragement

                 • alignment

      Alice Scott lives in Asheville and works out of a riverside studio. She attended the Rhode Island School of Design for Jewelry and Metalsmithing. Alice beautifully sketches each idea, carves the wax to create molds (having outside help in metal casting in order to focus on designing), and borrows symbols from a variety of spiritual and cultural practices in order to create sacred objects. Each piece is meant as a personal talisman, to help its wearer feel connected to something mysterious, ancient, and bigger than themselves.

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