• AFEW • 16"-18" kunzite + silver necklace


This AFEW (air, fire, earth, water elemental symbols) necklace is an original design by the shop owner and exclusive to elementality!

  • 16" sterling silver chain with 2" extender
  • 1.25” x 1” drop pendant
  • beautiful kunzite point
  • handmade in Asheville, NC, USA


      • kunzite
           • joy
           • communion
           • soothing


This piece was designed here, deep in the mountains of North Carolina, by Elementality owner: Jordana Thompson aka -hush- (because most of her best design ideas come in the 'hush of night’). Jordana considers making as her meditation, and the resulting jewelry as a kind of medicine for its wearer.

These designs are carefully handmade with incredible attention to detail.

With over 25 years of retail jewelry experience, Jordana carefully thinks through each element of her designs with beauty, strength, and longevity for it's wearer in mind. In this way, each piece is wearable art that can be a beautiful and meaningful conversation starter for years to come.

If you take good care of them, -hush- pieces will become lifelong companions and eventually heirlooms to hand down through the generations!

for more information on this listing, please call or text us at (828) 299-4751

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