• TANTRIKA • archetype anointing oil


divine love | divine creativity

Aroma: sweet and resinous with intoxicating notes of spice, night blooming flowers, and love making. The Tantrika is also known as The Lover, Venus, Aphrodite, The Sacred Prostitute, The Holy Whore, The Scorpio/Libra, The Siren, The Magdalene, The Dakini, Fertility, and others.

Use it for: support when using the art of love for healing and transformation, attracting healthy and magical love, opening to the big Divine Love, and allowing it to move through you, enlivening creativity

Anoint: The Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana/sweetness) or wherever feels right

Components: organic Jojoba oil, essential oils, attars and absolutes

photos by Nicole McConville Photography

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